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Antonio Brown Councilman Avatar
Antonio Brown Councilman
Created by antoniobrown01 on May, 4 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 55 Trinity Ave SW Suite 2900, Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone: (404) 330-6046 Antonio Brown, Councilman was elected in 2019 to represent District 3 of Atlanta. He is a current member of the following committees: Community Development/Human Services, Public Safety, and Committee on Council. Antonio Brown, Councilman has a strong work ethic and an optimistic approach. He has a strong background in business and education that have guided him to the position that he now holds. Antonio Brown, Councilman created the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program at The Art Institute. This program that he created produced terrific results and helped students develop a successful path for their future. His success rates inspired him to do more. He has since also created Student Entrepreneurs of America to serve children in public schools as well. His goal is to give the opportunity to create a successful and bright future to all children and see them grow. #City Council #Antonio Brown Councilman

Mission E4 Scott Long Avatar
Mission E4 Scott Long
Created by missione42 on Apr, 25 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 39 Burnshirt Rd, Hubbardston, MA 04152 Phone: +1 (978) 820-1190 Mission E4 is an organization started in 2005 by Scott and Tanya Long. Scott Long and Tanya were inspired to start Mission E4 after they were on a life-changing missionary trip to Haiti. One of the main goals of Mission E4 for Scott Long is to share the Gospel of Jesus while also serving the less fortunate and individuals in need. To date, they have mentored several groups totaling nearly 3000 people on their overseas missions. As mentors, they not only train others but connect with them and guide them to be successful in continuing to spread Scripture to many other individuals. They are always looking for new ways to share the Gospel of Jesus and even do so here in the United States as well. They hope to serve the entire globe! Facebook: Instagram: Company Website:

Belinda Stronach Avatar
Belinda Stronach
Created by belinadastronach10 on Apr, 24 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 455 Magna Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 7A9 Phone: 1 (905) 726-7600 Belinda Stronach served as an executive of Magna International and a member of parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. Ms. Stronach served in a variety of roles at Magna International, a major automotive supplier headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, ultimately becoming CEO in 2001. Belinda was named one of the most influential people by The Times Magazine in 2004. Belinda Stronach took her leadership skills to the House of Commons in 2004, serving four years for both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada. She founded The Belinda Stronach Foundation in 2008; a social impact organization with the goal of improving health outcomes of women and children. Now serving as Chairman and President of The Stronach Group, Belinda Stronach continues building her legacy with success in racing, gaming, and entertainment. #Horse Racing #Belinda Stronach

Ryan Steensma Avatar
Ryan Steensma
Created by ryansteensma1 on Apr, 18 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Ryan Steensma is a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the Marine Corps. One of his most memorable experiences was at the beginning of his career when he trained for the Initial Fitness Test. Preparing for the Marine Initial Fitness Test can be a challenging and strenuous task. According to Ryan Emerson Steensma, it is important to dedicate as much time training as possible for this test because it is only administered every six months. The test requires you to be both mentally and physically fit. During the test you are required to perform tasks such as pull-ups, push-ups, cardio, planks, and crunches in a certain amount of time. Ryan Emerson Steensma has many helpful tips and tricks when preparing for this intense test that help determines the rest of you career. #Military #Ryan Steensma

HussainAl Nowais Avatar
HussainAl Nowais
Created by hussainnowais24 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Website: , Address: P.O Box: 54457, Abu Dhabi, UAE , Phone: +971 2 6918000 , Hussain Al Nowais is a global industrialist and business strategist with over 25 years’ experience in business management, banking, project finance, investment, industrial and real estate sectors. Mr. AlNowais has a proven track-record in the development of industrial, infrastructure, and energy projects; and in the development and acquisition of businesses in the MENA region. Hussain Al Nowais is the founding member and Chairman of AlNowais Investments. Currently, Mr. AlNowais is spearheading the firm’s strategy of global expansion and strategic project development in energy, industry, infrastructure, oil & gas, healthcare, information technology, hospitality and real-estate. Business e-mail: , #International Business #Hussain al Nowais #Hussain al Nowais , ,

China PVC Fence Hardware Avatar
China PVC Fence Hardware
Created by ytqou8wh on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

PVC Fence Gate Latch Introduction: 1. Latch operates from both sides of gate. 2. Black Powder Coating Hardware will increases Vinyl Gate Latch Life.. 3. Latch comes with Self Tapping Screws and easy installation. 4. Can be used for fence gate of various materials such as vinyl, wood and metal. Other Detials: FAQ: 1.Will PVC Garden fence mildew or collect mold? When subjected to extended damp weather, vinyl fence will collect mold and mildew. But it will be easily to be cleaned with a solution of mild household detergent and water. 2.Do you have the test and audit service? A: Yes, we can assist to get the designated test report for product and the designated factory audit report. 3.What鈥檚 your after-sale service? A: Our Fence鈥檚 quality warranty period is 15 year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions. 4.Can you help with the design? Yes, Simply design free, special design need to pay.China PVC Fence Hardware website:

Cosmetic Raw Material Avatar
Cosmetic Raw Material
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Phycocyanin spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil living both in sea and freshwater. Spirulina contains Phycocyanin, It is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. Spirulina is rich in essential fatty acids, a variety of Vitamins, and also a good source of Minerals. Besides, Spirulina contains many pigments. Organic Pumpkin Powder is the pumpkin powder. Pumpkin seed extract is rich in carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, carotene, pectin, and potassium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements, in addition to citrulline, arginine and some enzymes on the human body Very useful, fat content is very low. Rosmarinic acid is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable), security, non-toxic and side-effects, water-soluble antioxidants and a green food additive. Stesweet stevia, a modern natural sweetener extracted from stevia, is also be named as stevia sugar. Stevioside features high sweetness and low calorie and its sweetness is 200-350 times of that of cane sugar but its calorie is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. A large number of pharmaceutical tests have proved that stevioside has no side effects, carcinogens, and is safe for eating. Turmeric extract powder can be used as products for regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in health product industry. Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but the technical difference between the two is that turmeric extract powder is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods, while curcumin is a chemical contained within turmeric. We also have ghana seed extract.

Health Care Raw Material Avatar
Health Care Raw Material
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Spine Date Seed is a traditional Chinese herb. It contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid, betulin and etc. Jujube seed powder was used to soothe the nerves, stop sweating, nourish the heart, benefit the liver, treat insomnia, tranquilize the mind. Zeaxanthin belongs to a group of bioflavonoids known as carotenoids, a group that is further subdivided into two groups: carotenes and xanthophylls. Lutein and zeaxanthin supplements is one of the xanthophylls, which are found most abundantly in dark, leafy green vegetables, and are crucial to the good health of the eyes. The retina of the eye actually contains a lot of zeaxanthin, which is why it is so important to include this carotenoid in your diet. Lycopene is a powerfull antioxidant. It makes tomatoes red. It is soluble in oils and insoluble in water. Lycopene is easily absorbed by the organism and is naturally present in human plasma and tissues in higher concentrations than the other carotenoids. In traditional Chinese medicine, the mulberry leaf extract weight loss are considered to be of sweet, bitter and cold properties, which are associated with the liver and lung meridians, and functions to clear lung heat (to manifest as a fever, headache,sore throat or cough) and clear fire in the liver. They are also used to stop bleeding, especially in patients who are vomiting blood. Naringin is the major flavonoid glycoside in grapefruit and gives grapefruit juice its bitter taste. It is metabolized to the flavanone naringenin in humans. Both naringin and hesperetin, which are the aglycones of naringin and hesperidin, occur naturally in citrus fruits. Naringin exerts a variety of pharmacological effects such as antioxidant activity, blood lipid lowering, anticancer activity, and inhibition of selected drug metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes, including CYP3A4 and CYP1A2, which may result in drug drug interactions in vivo. Ingestion of naringin and related flavonoids can also affect the intestinal absorption of certain drugs, leading to either an increase or decrease in circulating drug levels.

Herbal Extract Avatar
Herbal Extract
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

A major component of retinal pigment: lutein and zeaxanthin constitutes a major component of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plant pigments, as well as the human eye macular area main pigment. Lutein eye complex can protect the eyes from light damage, slow aging and prevent diseases of the eye: the sun's ultraviolet radiation and blue light entering the eye will produce a lot of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Extract Saw Palmetto Plant Extract is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. It is rich in fatty acid and phytosterols. It has been used in traditional, eclectic and altemative medicine for a variety of indications, most notably benign prostatic hyperplasia. Best green coffee bean extract is coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid. This chemical is thought to have health benefits. For high blood pressure it might affect blood vessels so that blood pressure is reduced. For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism. Fenugreek saponins, or Bird's Foot, is also known by its Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum. It has been used in homeopathic medicine for more than a thousand years by various cultures, such as the Chinese and the Greeks. It is believed to lower cholesterol, help with digestion, and increase a nursing mother's breast milk supply. Fenugreek seed extract is also believed to work as a weight loss aide. Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract is an alcohol extract, which is one of the main herbs for lowering blood lipid and blood diseases. Our plant is close to the "town of Horn Valley" in the mountainous area of Qin Ba. The highest gypenosides were obtained by the famous dry material "seven leaves" extraction, 80%, 98%.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Avatar
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Akba boswellic acid, also called olibanum, is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia. It is used in incense as well as in perfumes. There are numerous species and varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different type of resin. Differences in soil and climate create even more diversity of the resin, even within the same species. Boswellia trees are also considered unusual for their ability to grow in environments so unforgiving that they sometimes seem to grow directly out of the solid rock. The trees start producing resin when they are about 8 to 10 years old. Tapping is done 2 to 3 times a year with the final taps producing the best tears due to their higher aromatic terpene, sesquiterpene and diterpene content. Carnosic acid price is an important factor in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the source of energy for muscle contraction and many other functions in the body. It is a crystalline substance used in muscle tissue for the production of phosphocreatine. Our Glucosamine Sulfate is a dietary supplement which is made from shellfish or prepared in the laboratory. It comes in two forms, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate also known as Glucose-6-phosphate, GS, amino monosaccharide, sulfated monosaccharide, Chitosamine and D-glucosamine. Tannic acid astringent is in a class of chemicals called tannins, which are found in many plants. Tannic acid refers to tannins that can be dissolved in water, as opposed to the other type, or condensed tannins. According to Cornell University Department of Animal Science, tannins are a group of compounds known as plant polyphenols, which cause proteins to bind and form complexes. Tannins are found in many of the foods you eat, including fruits, teas, wine and edible grasses.

Training & Courses - Online Training Avatar
Training & Courses - Online Training
Created by Harika on Apr, 8 2021 with 1 Members

Customized Forehead Infrared Temperature Scanner Avatar
Customized Forehead Infrared Temperature Scanner
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Our History Contacare Technology was founded on December 1st, 2012, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of household medical devices and personal care products. Our Factory We design and manufacture products for OEM&ODM customers, our factory in Shenzhen employs about 400 workers, more than 15 dedicated R&D engineers who are focusing on the new product developing. We have many professional test machines to ensure our production quality. Our Product Our main products include blood pressure monitor, finger pulse oximeter, infrared thermometer, Foot massager ,Oxygen Generator and beauty products. At the same time , we are actively to develop new products to meet different customer requirements, looking for partners, distributor or sole agent in each territory to develop the market together,to establish long-tem business relationship for common benefits. Product Application Contacare use patented products and medical clinical technology to actively research&develop new products to meet those Suboptimal health and old-aged groups, to use at home and public places. Our Certificate With the strict international quality management system of ISO13485 , Our products are certified by CE, RoHS, FDA510K ,Medical CE. BSCI. We are popular in North America, Europe, South-East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Production Equipment Our factory owns integrated production chain including molding, plastic injection,pads workshop and assembly line. Production Market Adhering to the business principle of Integrity ,Openness ,Cooperation, Gaining Mutually, Responsibility and Innovation锛寃e have had a good reputation among our customers with our professional,meticulous,enthusiasm and high quality products, cost effective prices .We warmly welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperate for mutual benefits. Our Service Our warranty are as follows: Advantages of our factory: 1. Beautiful design. 2. Exquisite mould . 3. The product quality itself is very stable. 4. The product host (except consumables) provides a one year warranty. According to our many years' market feedback data, our product qualification rate is above 98%, and the damage rate does not exceed 2% after one year's usage. Warranty Method: If there is a problem with the product function , we can replace the new ones accordingly at your next order after confirming your videos, pictures provided for the damaged products.Customized Forehead Infrared Temperature Scanner website:

Non Woven Bag manufacturers Avatar
Non Woven Bag manufacturers
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Item Name:laminated non woven carry bag Dimension:customized Material:Eco-non woven Finishing:Silk screen, heat transfer, 4C offset, machine rollin printing or sublimation printing Handle:Non woven, woven, cotton, canvas, polyester, nylon or customized handle FAQ 1. What materials will you used for your design? A. Nonwoven bags (prices were relatively cheap, suitable for supermarket shopping bags or used for advertising promotion gifts) B. Laminated non woven bags (Price were relatively cheaper than cotton&canvas bag, Laminated non woven fabric have great cost advantage if the bags will have full color pattern,and order quantity is large) C. PP woven laminated bags (prices high, a longer service life,can be washed) D. Canvas bags (higher price relative to cotton bag, long service life even more thick cloth). E. Polyester bags (190T,210D,420D,600D, single color fabric or colorful material) 2. Minimum Order Quantity? A. non woven shopping bag MOQ 500pcs B. Drawstring bags MOQ 500pcs (If your order quantity is low,Pls kindly contact me and see if we have fabric at stock for this small order quantity). 3. What factors will affect the price of bags? A. Size:The larger size, of course,larger size will cost much more, if the product size and fabric width does not match, you may create great waste, Therefore, it will lead to higher prices. B. Printing: We generally use silk screen printing,color and size will affect the final printing costs; the more color and more printing size and more complex artwork leads to the higher the price. C. Quantity: The more the quantity, price is relatively more cheap . 4. About making sample: We can help provide samples for you to test before order if really needed. If the customer requires a finished sample before advance deposit, It will charge according to your artwork. But in the final contract, We will refund the printing plate fee while order. 5. Packaging: about 50pcs bag/carton, it's up to you 6. Transportation: By sea or by courier or by air,it's up to youNon Woven Bag manufacturers website:

China Leak Test manufacturers Avatar
China Leak Test manufacturers
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Non Destructive Leak Tester These leak detectors are a powerful alternative to methods such as blue dye or water baths. These devices offer an objective, reliable, and cost-effective process for identifying leaks in blister packs. Your team gets a clear result for every blister package, and the software can pinpoint the particular cavity with the leak. The old methods of water leak detection were not enough for the level quality assurance that you and your customers deserve. Rely on Thomas Packaging for testing solutions that are modern and effective. Convenient Flexible, tabletop design Cutting Edge High-resolution imaging technology detects cavity defects, including channel leaks and weak seals, down to 7 microns. Objective Repeatable pack test for each product. Simple Operation Easy to use, tool-less. Ideal for lines with multiple products. Intuitive Touch screen control. Operating system can store unlimited product types. Time-Saving Can test multiple packs per test cycle. Rapid test down to 10 seconds for micron holes and 6 seconds for gross holes. Ample Storage Stores and exports data for quality control, storage of results Validatable 21 CFR part 11 compliant, validation package available. Active Directory and flexible reporting built in. Technical Specifications for Sepha VisionScan Operation Semi-automatic Construction Anodized Aluminum and Abs/Acrylic Test Area 210 mm x 165 mm (8.3- x 6.5 inches) Measurement Range Detects defects as small as 7 microns depending on the pack Test Time Down to 10 seconds for micron holes and as low as 6 seconds for gross holes Machine Size 455 mm (W) x 440 mm (D) x 520 mm (H) (17.9- x 17.3- x 20.5 inches) Interface 12-inch WXGA TFT display, 1280 x 800 pixel resistive touch screen Hardware 2 x USB ports, 1 x Ethernet port Audit Compliance 21 CFR part 11 compliant Machine Weight 40 kg Shipping Weight 80 kgChina Leak Test manufacturers website:

Crystal Skulls Avatar
Crystal Skulls
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Our History Jiangsu Jiejing Crystal Development Co., Ltd. was established in August 2018 with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan锛寃hen the 鈥淥ne Belt, One Road鈥?initiative was proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Since then, the Jiangsu Donghai crystal industry, based on its own characteristics and advantages as the 鈥淲orld Natural Crystal Raw Material Distribution Center鈥? has been actively cooperating with the European crystal industry, especially the Czech crystal industry which is the representative of the crystal industry. The Jiangsu Donghai crystal industry has worked together with the Czech crystal industry in integrating the industrial resources with complementary advantages to expand the domestic and international markets, and then to extend to a wider range of cultural and artistic fields and deeper Sino-European trade, and thereby the reputation of Jiangsu Donghai as the 鈥淐rystal Capital of the World鈥?is reflected. Our Factory Our company focuses professionally on the design, development, production, sales and service. We are making great efforts to develop new products to meet diverse requirements. We are committed to creating natural crystal products of the best quality. Our company currently operates more than 1,000 kinds of products, with the main sales products including crystal balls, crystal points, crystal tumbled, crystal gravels, crystal clusters, raw crystals, crystal geode, crystal specimen, crystal carvings, crystal chakra, crystal sets, crystal jewelry and so on. Our company has advanced carving and production equipment, computer automation equipment, 3D carving technology, the use of standardized process production lines to provide customers with product batch production. With experienced engravers and other support staffs, our company has rich experience in customization, welcoming ODM& OEM orders. Our Product Crystal Healing Stone Set Crystal Carving Products Crystal Craft Crystal point Crystal tumbled stone Product Application Meditation, Spirituality, Home Decoration, Feng Shui, Fashion Jewelry Production Equipment 22 Plane Engraving Machine銆?2 3D Engraving Machine銆? Sawing Machine銆? Cutting Machine銆? Sanding Machine Production Market North America 70% South America 5% Europe 25% Our Service Our company is dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, where our experienced staffs are always available to know your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, the company has won a good reputation among customers because of its perfect services, quality products and competitive prices. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for a common success.Crystal Skulls website:

Oxygen Apparatus manufacturers Avatar
Oxygen Apparatus manufacturers
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Handan cryo air separation plant Co., Ltd is specialized in the market development, product manufacturing and after-sales technical service of various industrial gas cryogenic liquefaction separation technologies. It can provide complete technical scheme, equipment debugging and personnel training for users. Our company has a number of air cryogenic liquefaction separation core technology, the main products are 30Nm3 / h-6000Nm3 / h internal pump compressed medical oxygen equipment, high purity nitrogen equipment; 40Nm3 / h-1000Nm3 / h liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen equipment, equipment advantages are as follows: 1. Integral skid mounted direct connection structure and high pressure hose connection. 2. The technology of internal compression process of liquid oxygen pump can produce high-quality medical oxygen, which fully meets the medical oxygen standard. 3. Small equipment has no foundation installation, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. 4. The cooling mode of the equipment is air cooling, so the user does not need to build or reduce the volume of the cooling pool, saving the capital construction cost. Our company always adheres to the value of technological innovation as the core, so we have a research and development team composed of a number of chemical masters to ensure that we can provide customers with safe and effective technical solutions. At present, the liquefaction separation technology of mixed gas has been applied in more than 50 domestic enterprises, and has achieved great economic and environmental benefits. Large scale industrial projects such as skid mounted LNG device and heavy hydrocarbon recovery device are also being implemented. In the future, our company will continue to forge ahead and provide more and more perfect services for new and old customers. Here we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign users to visit and negotiate business. Main research and development areas: Gas expansion refrigeration system and its engineering application Mixed refrigerant phase change refrigeration system and its engineering application Vacuum negative pressure refrigeration system Cryogenic gas liquefaction and distillation system Simulation calculation and application of heat transfer of mixed gas multi fluid Drying and purification of mixed gasOxygen Apparatus manufacturers website:

buy discount Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner Avatar
buy discount Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Our Product Cow bells, hand bells, bottle openers, umbrellas, keychains, etc. Product Application Travel souvenirs, company gifts, event promotional gifts, etc. Our Certificate BSCISGS Production Market Quanzhou Crowner Trading Co.,Ltd. has total assets of 2 million yuan and more than 40 employees. Its main business areas: Sweden, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, Canada, Australia, etc. have maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth. An average increase of 60% in 2019 and an average increase of 50% in 2018, from 1 million in 2005 to 30 million in 2019. Sales revenue in 2019 is 30 million yuan, an increase of more than 60% over the same period last year. Our Service 1. Pre-sale service: a. Provide users with free technical consulting services. b. Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other materials. c. Invite users to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototypes, product testing facilities and quality management system. e. Our company can have experienced technical personnel to design and select models for free according to the technical parameters provided by users. 2. During the manufacturing process of the service product on sale, the relevant technical personnel of the user are invited to our company to observe the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and the relevant technical personnel of the user are provided with the product inspection standards and inspection results. 3. After-sales service: a. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team mainly composed of technical personnel. After receiving the user's service information or feedback questions, make the answer and deal with the user's satisfaction in the shortest discount Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner website:

China Garden Care Avatar
China Garden Care
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Antifreeze agent; Garden care; tree care, tree nutrition Professional Plant nutrition producer Since 1997. Plant antifreeze is an high technical product developed for plants (garden seedlings, fruit trees, vegetables, field crops, etc.) to improve the resistance to low temperature, frost and other bad weather. The product is refined by adding elements such as special antifreeze factors and activated biological enzymes. Antifreeze, it also can kill and inhibit the proliferation of ice nucleation bacteria, destroy the ice-forming activity of frozen proteins, increase heat and reduce the ability to freeze; promote the accumulation of plant dry matter and sugar, increase the degree of lignification and fullness of buds, and activate Biological enzymes enhance the plant's ability to retain water and fundamentally solve the problem of plants freezing. Application: Plant Antifreeze diluted 500-800 times water to evenly spray the plants, spray 3-5 times, each time interval is 7-10 days. 3-7 days before frost or cold wave; before and after germination and flowering in early spring; after rain or snow or when cold weather improves.China Garden Care website:

Temperature Color Change manufacturers Avatar
Temperature Color Change manufacturers
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Our History Our company established in 1995, has experience of chemical industry more than 25 years,which has set up two major production bases,which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang.One is for raw materials and another is focused on finished products,which covers total site area more than 18,000 square meters,annual capacity production amounts to 20,000 tons with automatic production. Our Factory Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co.,Ltd,one company of ZHONGTIAN Group,supported by strong power of researching and producing,is one of major printing&dying chemical manufacturers in China specializing in research, development, medium and high grade printing chemicals materials. Click the picture to watch the company introduction Our Product Our product focus on high-end water base textile screen printing materials,including water-based PU rubber paste series,such as hand and machine rubber paste,transfer print paste &glue; PU Water-based special function rubber paste,including foil paste, flocking paste,glitter paste,glossy paste, matte past; Auxiliary series including fixer, oxal,anti-blocking agent,thickener; Binder series such as binder,water paste; Printing silicone series;Table glue series;Heat transfer printing series and so on. Product Application Mainly used for textile/ garment screen printing, transfer printing, heat transfer field. Our Certificate ZDHC, Eco-passport, SGS, Intertec certificate and so on. Production Equipment Cowint has two major production bases,which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang. One is for raw materials and another is focused on finished products,which covers total site area more than 18,000 square meters,annual capacity production amounts to 20,000 tons with automatic production. Production Market Now, our products are widely recognized,gained good reputation by customers.titled as 鈥?0 Top National Brands鈥?for past continued 3 years in this filed. Our Service We have built strong R&D team. For ensuring quality, more than 20 QC members to carry out strictly inspection at each stage: incoming inspection (IQC), in-process inspection (IPQC) and final inspection (FQC). Before shipping mass production,goods will be tested over and over again,making sure quality. In recent years,advanced testing equipment are introduced,which allow us to make products that meet international standards.Chemical materials from Cowint are completely eco-friendly and already passed authoritative certification as ISO9001, ISO14000, INTERTEK,EKOPASSPORT.We abide by the management Principle of upholding the quality and providing efficient service. Temperature Color Change manufacturers website:

Guled Steel Fiber pricelist Avatar
Guled Steel Fiber pricelist
Created by sin55bm on Mar, 30 2021 with 1 Members Product Description锛?/strong> The row-shaped steel fiber adopts low-carbon high-strength cold-drawn steel wire. After more than ten cold-drawing processes, without any heat treatment in the middle, it is directly drawn into a steel wire with a diameter of 0.5-1.0mm. The molecular structure of the steel wire is uniformly arranged to ensure the wire pole High tensile strength. Imported water-soluble glue is used to bond the single steel wire end hook-shaped steel fibers into a row to ensure that the fibers do not agglomerate and are evenly dispersed during concrete mixing. Technical information锛?/strong> Type:G-GSf07560 Diameter(mm):0.75(0.030鈥? Length(mm):60(2.4鈥澛?.04鈥? Aspect ratio:80 Tensile strength(mpa):1000(锛?45ksi) Material: Low carbon steel wire Application: Plant floors/ highways/ bridges/ airport runways/ tunnels/ pipelines/ lining of infrastructure/ ports and wharfs/ marine engineering/ nuclear test bases/ rocket launch bases/ earthquake-proof buildingsGuled Steel Fiber pricelist website: