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1. Firstly, open your streaming device or Smart TV
2. then open the YouTube app
3. Now click on Settings
4. Visit with TV code. You will see a TV code, Note down correctly.
5. Open YouTube App on your mobile.
6. Visit your profile settings
7. Click on Watch on TV
8. Click on entering TV code
9. Now enter the code you note down in step 4.
In order to sign in to your YouTube TV, you need to follow these steps:
Step 1 –First of all, you need to open your YouTube TV app on your TV or on your media streaming device.
Step 2 – Now you need to visit the URL i.e. on your computer or mobile device so as to connect the YouTube TV with your device.
Step 3 –Go to the settings and scroll down to link the YouTube TV with the TV code.
Step 4 – Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen on the URL i.e. in the “Enter the code” section so as to activate the YouTube TV on your device.
YouTube TV, a TV streaming feature, offers users live sports, must-see shows, and DVR without storage space limits, etc. If you use YouTube TV and need to sign in to it, there are some easy steps you have to follow.
Here are the step-by-step guidelines that can assist you to sign in to YouTube TV.
Instructions to sign in to YouTube TV
Follow these means in the event that you need to sign in to YouTube TV.
Step 1: First of all, you need to open the YouTube TV app on your TV.
Step 2: You have to visit on a computer.
Step 3: You need to enter the activation code
YouTube is the world’s best online streaming feature which is famous in every corner of the world. You can watch YouTube on any device according to your choice at YouTube makes its application accessible on every platform. This application permits the users to access the wide range of videos offered by the streaming platform. You can utilize any gadget such as Roku, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc. to watch YouTube on it.
A YouTube activation code is created by the you tube application on certain devices. You can easily discover your code using
On your smart TV and quest for the YouTube TV app, add it, open the application, and select already a member. Tap on the sign-in button on your TV then
Go to the link or from your device then enter the code that shows up on the Roku channel, click on next, and now sign in with exactly the same Google account you used for purchasing the YouTube TV subscription.
Within a few seconds all set and you’ll be logged in.
On the off chance that the code is not accepted just start it again and try to complete it as quickly as possible because if you ta
To log in and sign in, to there are few steps you have to follow: register, verify, enter code to connect, log in, activate and start.
You can start this process on your mobile device or computer. For guidelines visit @

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